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Top Story: Judiciary Press Conference
House Judiciary Committee Press Conference

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Click to view in Video Player! 02/09/2016Judiciary Press ConferenceHouse Judiciary Committee Press ConferenceGrau, McCullough, Morrissette
Click to view in Video Player! 02/08/2016Veteran of the WeekFebruary 8, 2016.  Robert Sutton.Veteran of the Week
Click to view in Video Player! 02/02/2016State of the StateThe 2016 State of the State addressState of the State
Click to view in Video Player! 02/01/2016Veteran of the WeekFebruary 1, 2016.  Sgt. Bernard BennettVeteran of the Week, Bernard Bennett
Click to view in Video Player! 01/20/2016House Bill 2341Press ReleaseState Rep. Ken Walker, American Flag, HB2341
Click to view in Video Player! 10/28/2015Texting While DrivingLink to Press ReleaseSpeaker Hickman, Rep. O'Donnell, Texting While Driving
Click to view in Video Player! 10/21/2015Interim Study 15-096Link to Interim Study AudioSanders, IS15-096
Click to view in Video Player! 09/18/2015Interim Update September 18, 2015.Inman, Hardin, interim studies 2015
Click to view in Video Player! 09/16/2015Interim UpdateSeptember 15, 2015.Interim Update, McDaniel Randy
Click to view in Video Player! 09/03/2015Interim UpdateSeptember 4, 2015.Interim Update, Biggs, Ownbey
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